The Venesian Inn

582 W Henri de Tonti Blvd

Tontitown, AR 72762

(479) 361-2562

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Open Tues - Sat 11AM - 8PM

Our History

John and Mary Granata
John and Mary Granata

For more than 72 years, The Venesian Inn has been a treasured part of the Northwest Arkansas community.

Germano Gasparotto, an Italian by birth, opened the restaurant in 1947. A few years later, he sold the Venesian Inn to John and Mary Granata, also native Italians, who passed it on to their daughter Alice Leatherman and husband Paul. Alice, the beloved prankster, served customers at the restaurant for many years with her fun-loving nature and commitment to fine Italian food always “made from scratch.”

The family tradition was then passed on to her nephew
Johnny Mhoon and his wife Linda in 1992. With dedication, hard work and a focus on high quality food and service, Johnny and Linda continued to draw people from all over the area. The sense of “family” remains strong with some of the restaurant’s employees that have been with us for over 30 years.

The Venesian Inn’s food reflects the rich heritage of the Italians who settled in Tontitown. The restaurant’s basic menu of spaghetti and fried chicken is “still made from scratch, just like always,” as are the homemade rolls. Today’s diners enjoy their meals at the same wooden tables installed by Gasparotto in 1947. The brick walls and hardwood room dividers remain original.

Some of the regular customers recall the days when a Venesian Inn #9 Steak cost only $ 1.50. One of the restaurant’s original waitresses, Elsie Mae Pianalto, explains the Venesian Inn charm is what keeps customers coming back again and again: “People who came here as children bring their children here. They say it’s neat to see everything the same.”

After 72 years, we are still family owned and operated and going strong. Looking forward to serving our customers for many years to come.